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The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 - It's Gonna Be a Banger!

Wow! On tonight's opening episode of the 11th season of TUF there was some serious talent on hand. Finally, a cast of guys that really came to fight (well, except that one guy from France that wimped out and quit in the middle of his bout).
From fight one, these guys came out trying to do damage and break some bones.
With this level of talent on hand, and super stars Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz training this crop of guys, I'm gonna be glued to my set every Wednesday to catch the action.

Among the guys to watch are:

This bit of yumminess right here. I think I'm gonna add him to my potential husband list, cuz if he can fight like that and still look THIS good, then DAMN ~ that's MY kinda man!

Jamie Yaeger
(we will have to work on that hair, though. Dude, the gnarly, out of control fro is SO last year!)

From Hawaii, a vicious fighter definitely ready to bring it:

Brad Tavares

And this guy, who actually broke his best friend's nose to get into the house:

Clayton McKinney

All in all, it promises to be a good season, and I'm ready for the blowouts sure to rise up between Chuck and Tito (although I never know how much of that is real, and how much is just hype for the cameras).
Stay tuned for some true warrior action!

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