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So, Who's It Gonna Be.....

Rampage or Rashad?

I'll tell you right now who my favorite is -- Rashad Evans. I just think he's the more well rounded fighter, he has much better conditioning ALL YEAR ROUND, not just before bouts, and also, he's the more intelligent fighter. Hell, he's the more intelligent person, and you know we just love some brains mixed in with the brawn around here. But that aside, I think that Rashad is going to take it.

I have nothing against Quentin Rampage Jackson. I find him quite entertaining, although a bit on the immature side for such a grown man. But hey, that's part of his shtick, and it's also what makes it fun to watch anything he's in. He's also got a ton of talent at his disposal. Hell, I wouldn't want to have to face him on the other side of the cage! But in this one, I'm giving it to Rashad.

I'm betting that this is going to be on HELL of a fight! I can't wait!

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