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TUF 12 Finale -- Brookins vs Johnson

After a really good cycle of The Ultimate Fighter with George St. Pierre and Josh Koschek as coaches, it all boils down to these two in the finale:

...and I gotta tell ya, Brookins (on the left) is the one, IMO. I was impressed with him from the start, this unassuming, sweet natured, wise beyond his years, yoga practicing fighter who has probably had to show more than one bully the might and power behind those serene puppy dog eyes.... Don't be fooled -- Brookins can kick some ass!

The final match up between him and Michael Johnson should be a good one, but although Michael brings some power and explosiveness to the table, he's spotty. He'll give you one aggressive, power packed round of non stop action and scoring followed by a completely lackluster one that sees him winded, sluggish and taking his opponent to the ground and just laying there doing nothing with the position. His last fight went to a split decision, and I tell you, he just squeaked it out.

Brookins, on the other hand, is such a focused, mentally prepared and talented young fighter that I think that in time he will soon be able to get the win against anyone that meets him in the Octagon. He won all of his matches decisively, with ridiculous, death clinch chokes. I'm sure his opponents always underestimate his power. And aside from that, ya just gotta like this kid. No ego, no attitude, no BS. The type of guy you'd love to see your daughter bring home, for Chrissake!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Dec 11th on Spike TV to see which one of these new talents takes the title and wins the $100,000 MMA contract with the UFC.

1 comment:

jennifer @ What Would Jen Do said...

I was so happy Brookins won. I am so excited for the GSP fight this weekend!

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